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The Walls Project For Pastors

As a pastor himself, Faith Breakthroughs founder Ryan Rush knows the challenge of ministering to the entire congregation – regardless of family makeup. In the Faith Breakthroughs concepts, Ryan has developed a process that can be embraced by everyone – uniting the congregation with a common language and cause. Using the language of overcoming Walls allows everyone to address the same enemy - and celebrate the victories together!

The Walls Project is a wonderful way to kick off a vision for connecting faith and home. We provide proven tools that can be used over four to eight weeks to help every household embrace their role in living out their faith.So far, over 70,000 people from almost 40 congregations have participated in the Walls Project. This has allowed us to refine these tools and gather insights from multiple denominations, cultures, and leaders – Presbyterian, Baptist, rural, inner city, Spanish speaking, African American and Chinese churches have adopted the principles so far!

Your messages from the pulpit are supported directly with two different small group studies: Raising Wall Breakers, a fantastic four-week parents' curriculum, and Becoming a Wall Breaker, a study for adults who don’t have children or fill the role of mentor in the lives of children. This ensures that every member has a place to apply the principles of Faith Breakthroughs.  Of course, the Walls Project also provides everything you need to captivate your congregation through this exciting journey: prayer guides, message outlines, sermon graphics, lesson videos, an on-line Walls evaluation, and of course, the anchor book Walls: Why Everybody’s Stuck (and Nobody Has to Be.)  

Even better, Faith Breakthroughs has a very special offer for participating churches: any congregation who invests in the Walls Project kit, and purchases 50 or more companion resources (including study guides, leader guides, or Walls books), will receive a FREE conference call or “Skype” meeting with Faith Breakthroughs founder Ryan Rush. Ryan will invest 30 minutes sharing personally with your staff or ministry leaders about ideas that fit your own strategy!

Parenting Tips

“When should I start talking with my kids about sexual purity?”

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The spiritual barriers people face are countless, but they can be categorized into Eight Primary Walls. These walls correlate with the 8 primary breakthroughs that everyone needs.
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I observe things that make me wonder if I should believe the Bible.
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I am confident God has forgiven me for my past.
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I am grateful for the things I have been given.
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I question why God allowed certain things to happen in my life.
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People would describe me as a giving person.
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People who have hurt me in the past cause me to avoid some relationships today.
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I think that God will meet all my needs.
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I am so busy that I find myself ignoring the most important things in my life.
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I have too many of my own problems to deal with the problems of others.
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I feel with God's help, I can face any situation.
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I have to guard against judging people when I learn they are dealing with tough circumstances.
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I find myself drawn to things I know are bad for me.
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I have been wronged in the past in a way I cannot get over.
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I believe God is willing and able to answer my prayers.
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I tend to expect the worst to happen.
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I am intentionally seeking to grow in my relationships with others.
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I believe the Bible has answers for today's circumstances.
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I feel I can turn to God for direction.
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I believe God wants what is best for me.
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When bad things happen, I feel like I am getting what I deserve.
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I think God cares about the details of my life.
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I look forward to good things in my future.
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I spend too much of my energy pursuing material things.
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When I am facing a difficult situation, I feel like I can solve problems on my own.
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When bad things happen, I wonder if God can make things better.
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I feel there is a disconnect between who I really am and how I act in front of other people.
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My faith practices are more about routine than relationship.
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I feel compelled to make the world around me better.
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The possibility of gaining a good friend is worth the risk.
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I am amazed at God's power.
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I have a hard time trusting people.
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I know a lot of people, but don't feel very close to many people.
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I find myself more focused on the things I don't have but wish I did.
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I don't believe anyone can ever know what is absolutely true.
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I have witnessed things that make me wonder if God is in control.
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I am willing to serve others for nothing in return.
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I believe God is loving and kind.
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I am willing to sacrifice immediate gratification for something better down the road.
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I believe God loves me in spite of who I am.
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It troubles me that God has not answered my prayers.
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I try to avoid temptations that would bring me harm.
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I worry about the problems that the future holds.
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When looking back on my life, I tend to focus on all of the things I did wrong.
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I feel strong relationships are hard, but worth it.
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I believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing God.
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I believe truth is the same for everyone.
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I worry that God is angry with me.
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It humbles me to think I can know God.
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