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Resources Built With You in Mind

Decades of combined experience came together to provide both churches and families theologically sound resources. Here is a quick summary of what we can offer you and your church:

1. Walls, Why Everybody is Stuck (and nobody has to be)
Ryan Rush and Tyndale House Publisher’s 2011 book that started a movement connecting faith & homes throughout central Texas.

2. The Walls Project Kit
A four-to-eight week church-wide campaign that “starts the conversation” about connecting faith life with home life. Sermon outlines, studies, video introductions and graphic assets are included.

3. The Walls Project – Message Series
Four weeks of sermon outlines, illustrations, key passages and additional resources provide a flexible, yet powerful, foundation to the campaign.

4. Raising Wall Breakers Study – Leader Guide
Over a decade in the making, these time-tested principles help kids, moms, dads, grandparents and mentors move past spiritual barriers.

5. Raising Wall Breakers Study – Student Workbook
This companion workbook to the Raising Wall Breakers Leader Guide helps participants fully adopt the truths and principles in the Study.

6. Becoming a Wall Breaker Study
This companion study to The Walls Project sermon series helps adult small groups more deeply grasp the truths shared weekly in the Walls Project messages.

7. The Walls Project Planner’s Guide
This guide, found as a part of The Walls Project, helps the leaders of The Walls Project fully implement the campaign in the context of your congregation.

8. The Walls Project Prayer Guide
Carefully written to help congregations from all backgrounds, these short, but powerful, prayers are a critical part of The Walls Project and its kit.

9. CD – Digital Assets for The Walls Project
Graphics, bulletin inserts, posters, etc. for The Walls Project are included in the kit.

10. DVD – Videos for both the Raising Wall Breakers & Becoming Wall Breakers studies
Likewise included in The Walls Project are these specially tailored introductory videos for both Raising Wall Breakers and Becoming Wall Breakers Studies for your small group/Bible study classes.

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The spiritual barriers people face are countless, but they can be categorized into Eight Primary Walls. These walls correlate with the 8 primary breakthroughs that everyone needs.
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I worry that God is angry with me.
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I believe truth is the same for everyone.
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My faith practices are more about routine than relationship.
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I am grateful for the things I have been given.
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I feel with God's help, I can face any situation.
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I am willing to serve others for nothing in return.
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I have a hard time trusting people.
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I worry about the problems that the future holds.
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I have been wronged in the past in a way I cannot get over.
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I feel compelled to make the world around me better.
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I don't believe anyone can ever know what is absolutely true.
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I am intentionally seeking to grow in my relationships with others.
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It troubles me that God has not answered my prayers.
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It humbles me to think I can know God.
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I am confident God has forgiven me for my past.
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I feel I can turn to God for direction.
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I believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing God.
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I believe God wants what is best for me.
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The possibility of gaining a good friend is worth the risk.
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I feel strong relationships are hard, but worth it.
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I spend too much of my energy pursuing material things.
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I feel there is a disconnect between who I really am and how I act in front of other people.
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When bad things happen, I feel like I am getting what I deserve.
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When bad things happen, I wonder if God can make things better.
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I look forward to good things in my future.
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I think God cares about the details of my life.
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I observe things that make me wonder if I should believe the Bible.
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I find myself more focused on the things I don't have but wish I did.
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People would describe me as a giving person.
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I know a lot of people, but don't feel very close to many people.
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I am willing to sacrifice immediate gratification for something better down the road.
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When looking back on my life, I tend to focus on all of the things I did wrong.
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People who have hurt me in the past cause me to avoid some relationships today.
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I believe God is loving and kind.
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I believe God is willing and able to answer my prayers.
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I am so busy that I find myself ignoring the most important things in my life.
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I think that God will meet all my needs.
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I believe God loves me in spite of who I am.
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I find myself drawn to things I know are bad for me.
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I believe the Bible has answers for today's circumstances.
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I tend to expect the worst to happen.
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I am amazed at God's power.
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When I am facing a difficult situation, I feel like I can solve problems on my own.
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I question why God allowed certain things to happen in my life.
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I have to guard against judging people when I learn they are dealing with tough circumstances.
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I have witnessed things that make me wonder if God is in control.
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I have too many of my own problems to deal with the problems of others.
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I try to avoid temptations that would bring me harm.
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