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Who is God?

“Who is God?” is such a good question to ask. Have you? Have you ever really spent more than a mere moment wondering exactly who He is? Some would have you believe that we can never even begin to understand who He is and what He wants for us. So they don’t ask such questions. Nor do they bother with pondering about His nature, His personality, His traits, or His attributes. Although most people claim to believe in the existence of God, they are largely unable to provide even a simple description of who He is.

Thankfully, God wants us to know Him. The Creator and Sustainer of all, and everyone, reveals Himself to us. God’s self portrait is found in His written word… our Bible. Scripture tells us that He alone is God. He has always existed. He will never cease to exist. He is one God, in three Persons. Head hurt yet?

Easier to grasp are His attributes. He is perfect. So is His love. He is perfectly just. He is holy. He is also perfectly merciful. His wisdom is beyond measure. Best yet, He never changes. And He wants a relationship with you.

Buried with guilt? So confused you don’t know which way to turn? Try something different this time: turn your attention to Him and study the God who created you. As you open His word and read about Him, you’ll find that many of His attributes are easily identified. For your convenience, the link below provides some descriptions of God’s nature. This short listing will help you better understand who He is, and how He can help you break through the barriers that keep you from Him.

Attributes of God







Breakthroughs in an Urban Church

I recently had the privilege of spending the afternoon with the staff of Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church – a predominantly African American congregation that is located in an urban, lower income area in Austin.  And by the way… this magnificent group of people is having an enormous impact in our hometown.  Pastor Gaylon Clark is convinced that in order to solve the challenges facing the urban community they have to fix the family – and he’s made the bold choice to be proactive in that healing process.  Pastor Clark and GMZ have made the decision to become the first African American congregation to fully embrace the Faith Breakthroughs process and implement these principles into the entire church culture!

While its not an easy thing to talk about, African American households must acknowledge and deal with the generational challenges passed down from history.  For example, slave traders in the 18th and 19th century would often separate families – selling off the father while leaving the mother with the children. After the Emancipation Proclamation, it wasn’t as if these challenges were instantly repaired. Women had taken on the role of raising the children, and men often had multiple families in several locations.  Of course, the poverty that came with the Jim Crow laws, lack of access to quality education, and segregation in general only exacerbated the challenges. (For more information on this history, see Trained in the Fear of God by Timothy Paul Jones and Randy Stinson).

Walls are unhealthy mindsets, and they originate in a misunderstanding of who God is.  When we remember that the primary place we first comprehend the nature of God is from our homes – and especially from our fathers – it is no wonder that we’re now facing a family crisis of epidemic proportions in the African American community.

… But I have great news: God’s way still works – and every home from any background can overcome the spiritual walls they faith by standing on God’s promises.  I’m convinced that Greater Mount Zion is going to be a shining beacon to others of how that healing can take place.  And I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store!

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The spiritual barriers people face are countless, but they can be categorized into Eight Primary Walls. These walls correlate with the 8 primary breakthroughs that everyone needs.
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I believe God loves me in spite of who I am.
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I feel strong relationships are hard, but worth it.
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I feel with God's help, I can face any situation.
4 of 48
I am grateful for the things I have been given.
5 of 48
I believe God is willing and able to answer my prayers.
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People would describe me as a giving person.
7 of 48
It troubles me that God has not answered my prayers.
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It humbles me to think I can know God.
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The possibility of gaining a good friend is worth the risk.
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I have too many of my own problems to deal with the problems of others.
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I think that God will meet all my needs.
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I worry that God is angry with me.
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I question why God allowed certain things to happen in my life.
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I look forward to good things in my future.
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I am confident God has forgiven me for my past.
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I have to guard against judging people when I learn they are dealing with tough circumstances.
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I have a hard time trusting people.
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I am willing to sacrifice immediate gratification for something better down the road.
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I am willing to serve others for nothing in return.
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I believe truth is the same for everyone.
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When I am facing a difficult situation, I feel like I can solve problems on my own.
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I find myself drawn to things I know are bad for me.
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I am amazed at God's power.
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I spend too much of my energy pursuing material things.
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I worry about the problems that the future holds.
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When looking back on my life, I tend to focus on all of the things I did wrong.
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I feel compelled to make the world around me better.
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I know a lot of people, but don't feel very close to many people.
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I am so busy that I find myself ignoring the most important things in my life.
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I try to avoid temptations that would bring me harm.
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I observe things that make me wonder if I should believe the Bible.
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I believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing God.
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When bad things happen, I feel like I am getting what I deserve.
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I believe the Bible has answers for today's circumstances.
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I find myself more focused on the things I don't have but wish I did.
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I believe God is loving and kind.
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I feel I can turn to God for direction.
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When bad things happen, I wonder if God can make things better.
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I feel there is a disconnect between who I really am and how I act in front of other people.
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I believe God wants what is best for me.
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I am intentionally seeking to grow in my relationships with others.
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I have witnessed things that make me wonder if God is in control.
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I tend to expect the worst to happen.
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People who have hurt me in the past cause me to avoid some relationships today.
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I have been wronged in the past in a way I cannot get over.
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My faith practices are more about routine than relationship.
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I think God cares about the details of my life.
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I don't believe anyone can ever know what is absolutely true.
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