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Is my child ready to be baptized?


Baptism is a beautiful outward picture of the inward transformation that takes place when a person comes to faith in Jesus. So when we go down into the water (the word “baptize” means “to bury”) we are commemorating how our old life of sin passed away when we were forgiven. When we come up out of the water, we are commemorating our new life in Christ – completely forgiven of all sin. 


Remembering this foundational reason for baptism helps us to answer our question. Consider also the following before you prayerfully move forward with baptism:


  • Has your child clearly expressed faith in Jesus and understood the saving grace of God?


Until your child receives for forgiveness by trusting in Christ, there’s no reason to talk about baptism. Parents sometimes feel pressure to see their kids baptized by a certain age, but this isn’t something that should be rushed. To push baptism prior to a clear understanding of salvation can cause confusion that lasts a lifetime. Be sure that your son or daughter has personally trusted the grace of Jesus before even talking about this next step.


  • Does your child understand that being baptized is not what saves him, but that baptism is an important picture of what Jesus has done in their lives?


Scripture is clear that we have been saved only by grace – something we didn’t work toward, and that includes the baptism process. Even up to the day of the event, remind your child that this is a day they’ll never forget as long as they live. It’s a special day because it celebrates what Jesus has already done in their hearts. They are already as forgiven as they will ever be.


  • Does your child comprehend the significance of being baptized?


It is not uncommon for children to be concerned over what adults would deem petty things: fear of going under the water, the temperature of the water, or being in front of a large group of people. These natural fears don’t necessarily indicate that your child doesn’t understand the gospel. However, if children focus more on these types of details rather than the reason for the event, it might be time to hit the pause button until they have a better grasp of the true meaning of baptism. 


You’ll note that a specific age was not mentioned in the answer to this question. That’s because a child’s readiness to be baptized has far less to do with his or her numerical age than it does with his or her ability to comprehend the significance of what is happening.


More than anything, you play an important role in helping your child understand baptism. Regularly share with them the grace that comes only through Jesus, the way to be saved by asking for forgiveness and trusting Christ to take away their sin, and the first step of telling others about their decision by being baptized. It’s in these everyday encounters with your children that you’ll gain a clear picture of when they’re ready.

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Parenting Tips

“Is my child ready to be baptized?”

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I believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing God.
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I think that God will meet all my needs.
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I find myself drawn to things I know are bad for me.
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I believe God is loving and kind.
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I feel there is a disconnect between who I really am and how I act in front of other people.
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The possibility of gaining a good friend is worth the risk.
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My faith practices are more about routine than relationship.
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I believe God loves me in spite of who I am.
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I am so busy that I find myself ignoring the most important things in my life.
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I observe things that make me wonder if I should believe the Bible.
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I worry that God is angry with me.
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I know a lot of people, but don't feel very close to many people.
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I have to guard against judging people when I learn they are dealing with tough circumstances.
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I believe the Bible has answers for today's circumstances.
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I worry about the problems that the future holds.
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People who have hurt me in the past cause me to avoid some relationships today.
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It humbles me to think I can know God.
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I feel compelled to make the world around me better.
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When looking back on my life, I tend to focus on all of the things I did wrong.
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I am amazed at God's power.
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When bad things happen, I feel like I am getting what I deserve.
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I believe God is willing and able to answer my prayers.
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I have witnessed things that make me wonder if God is in control.
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I am intentionally seeking to grow in my relationships with others.
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I feel strong relationships are hard, but worth it.
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I try to avoid temptations that would bring me harm.
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I have a hard time trusting people.
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I look forward to good things in my future.
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I have too many of my own problems to deal with the problems of others.
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When bad things happen, I wonder if God can make things better.
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I think God cares about the details of my life.
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I spend too much of my energy pursuing material things.
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People would describe me as a giving person.
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I believe God wants what is best for me.
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I am willing to serve others for nothing in return.
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I tend to expect the worst to happen.
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It troubles me that God has not answered my prayers.
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I believe truth is the same for everyone.
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