Welcome to Houston Faith Breakthroughs

I'm Dean Rush. Welcome to Faith Breakthroughs for Houston. We're here to provide some tools for you to get Christ into the Houston home and Christ into the Houston workplace. You'll see some videos to be looked at because we want you to know how to accomplish those tasks.


My son Ryan preaches a lot about getting Christ into the home, but the basic source, the basic foundation that God gave us for reaching the world is through our home.

I retired from an executive job with a large airline. I loved my work but I realized during that time there were so many times I could have really won if I had just used some biblical principles in my work. I saw people that needed to understand honesty and dedication and responsibility and accountability and all those things that go with good character, but you know it was very easy to just kind of go with the flow.

In Romans it says that we're not supposed to be tied to the world but we're supposed to be tied to Christ. Well we need to do that and we need to do it as a resource. In 2004 Irish magazine published a survey and the survey said simply that about 42 percent of the American public attended church at least twice a month. That very same survey was done in 2014. Guess what it shows? That about 22 percent - about half - were doing the same thing -they were attending church with their families twice a month. If you figure the average church service is about an hour and a half, they were there maybe three hours a month - but the average American goes to work about 47 hours a week, encounters about 150 people, and this is only the average. 

Imagine if instead of just attending church we went to work with church, we encountered those hundred and fifty people and we either displayed or talked to them about Christ? Jesus did this in Matthew and in Mark. In Mark 6 he says to his disciples; I want you to go out the far reaches of our kingdom and I want you to teach and heal. With the greatest gifts his father God had given him he empowered them to teach and heal.  He's empowered you to do the same thing.

You'll see some videos on this particular website that I hope will give you tools to do exactly the same thing. These are men and  and women that I know, who have led companies and let their employees and let their customers you know sbout their faith. If you put Christ into your company, your employees learn. If your employees learn, they take it to the customers. If the customers learn, they take it to their customers. Man what a great attribute to have in a company!

Look at some of these videos . Understand what they're saying. I We're just creating the Great Commission right at home.

I pray that you'll find a way to take Christ into your office, into your home, and your family and you'll live out the Great Commission.

If you need to talk to me, or communicate with me, email: dean '@' faithbreakthroughs.com. You can reach my son Ryan at: Ryan '@' faithbreakthroughs.com. We're here because we love you and we love Christ. Please please feel free to use these resources. Whatever we can do to help you we're here. Enjoy the website.