Houston Faith-breakthroughs Welcome

Welcome to Houston Faith Breakthroughs

I'm Dean Rush the executive director of Faithbreakthroughs. The whole idea of Faith Breakthroughs is to bring Christ into the home and C the workplace.  My son's passion is to bring Christ into the home and the family. He is going to give you some useful ideas and tools on how to accomplish that on this website.

Houston Faithbreakthroughs Welcome

My passion is to also to get Christ into the workplace. I spent most of my life in the corporate world until I was nearly 60 years old and then I went to seminary. My thought was that I would go to seminary and then I'd be able to change the world. I graduated from seminary but I sure didn't change the world. 

You see when I was in the corporate world I discovered that there was a great need for biblical bprinciples. Basic things like honesty, dedication, and accountability.  Those are all biblical principles God was very specific in the Bible about telling to use. I have some great friends who have worked in their companies to teach their employees, their customers, and their even their competitors  about taking Christ into the workplace by using biblical principles.   The concept is not original. Jesus tells us in John 6 we are to do what he directed His disciples to do. Jesus told them go out into all the world to teach and heal.  Some  friends who have proven success and benefits by sharing the gospel using basic business principles  They are going to do interviews about their success in the corporate world  because they adhered to some solid standards based upon the bible.  You'll see how the companies influence their employees, the employees influence the customers, and the customers share with their customers. They teach and heal by example.My prayer is that you will also use the tools to get Christ into the workplace.  It's up to you. It's totally up to you. I pray that you'll use these pages to place useful ideas in your tool kit. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact me at dean@faith breakthroughs,com.  I love Christ and I know his saving grace would help the world especially the workplace. Thanks for being with us let me know if I can help you God bless!